Coffee, tea, or is it me?

The ritual of coffee: it smells good, it makes us feel good, and everyone is doing it. I admire friends who do dark roasts and depth charges and shooters of diesel-strength espresso. They reach for a third cup before dawn while I prefer anemic coffee and slowly sip my tall (a.k.a. small) Starbuck's Blonde (a.k.a. light) Roast.

As for tea, I have put a lot of effort in trying to like it. I've had it iced, hot, sweetened, and combined with lemonade. I've done exotic flavors like hibiscus which is supposed to lower blood pressure (it didn't). Yet I've never met a tea I wanted to spend any time with. Tea drinkers are like people who enjoy yoga. Those strong bendables calmly stretch into upward-facing dog while I am a panicked mess of tangled limbs who falls over when attempting the warrior pose. Tea and yoga make me nervous.

I'll never be a power-coffee or tea drinker. I feel like a failed foodie.. or more accurately a failed drinkie. Unless chocolate is added to the equation and then I can hold my own, especially when mocha or hot chocolate are on the menu. Warm up with me over at Called to the Table today with a remembrance of Snow Days past and a recipe for hot chocolate.


Light roasts are actually higher in caffeine so drinking less is probably for the best ;) Of course, I love blonde roasts and would gladly drink a venti or two...ha!
patrice said…
Yes, mega caffeine in a gentle flavor. Not a bad way to drink your coffee.

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