Birthday tome: Volume 2

When you only allow yourself donuts once a year occasionally you wake up in a panic. I often find myself unable to sleep, repeating the mantra: So many donuts, so little time.

Last year I was too ill to appreciate my Annual Birthday Donut so this year I thought perhaps I deserved two circles of love. I started with a Blueberry Bismark from our local purveyor Donut Hut. That lovely pastry whetted my appetite up for a Sunday morning trek to Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis. These sassy gals know their stuff. They make brilliant vintage-themed donuts and the best drip coffee I've had since my Aunt Hazel passed away.

It took me forty-something years to find my donut soul-mates. I don't know if I am strong enough to wait an entire year to return.

With birthday celebrating nearly done, it is time for me to join the rest of America in our shared fixation on Super Bowl Snacks. At Called to the Table this week is a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie. From vintage donuts to retro pie, this has been a very good week.


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