Cat Blogging: Halloween Wrap Up

Comparing numbers to friends and family, I feel really lucky that we had so many trick-or-treaters this year. Seventy-five zombies, ninjas, princesses, cowboys, ghouls (and a very awesome love child of Paul Bunyan and Duck Dynasty) stepped up to our door on Thursday night. We've got a few Reese's and Kit Kats leftover if any of you have a craving.

Olive announced that she is no longer dressing up for Halloween. She is, after all, almost old enough to drive. She spent the evening admiring her two younger brothers as they showed off their new costumes.

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stephanieann said…
So cute! And - if you still have reeses, your lactose intolerant daughter will gladly get a tummy ache if you share...those are by far one of my favorite conventional candies, after all :)
patrice said…
Pooch is welcome to borrow Oskar's costume if he is invited to any cat parties...

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