Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogging Birthday

The Icon kitchen.
Wow. It's official. Today makes it four years of blogging. If not auspicious, certainly worth a remembrance of things past. Where most good stories begin, it started in the kitchen.

I began this blogging journey to document my experience cooking for the University of Minnesota Icon Solar House at the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. As a UM team member I didn't help design or build our pretty little cottage. That task was accomplished by brilliant students, staff, and faculty with diverse backgrounds that included engineering, design, and architecture. But I did bask in their glory. (I was a little like Hester Prynne riding Pearl's coattails to heaven.) As the team cook I created two meals that epitomized our region, then prepared them for the dinner party portions of the Decathlon. Cooking on the National Mall in D.C.? That was heaven, a once in a lifetime gig, and I was more than happy to ride those coattails.

Those first weeks and months of blogging came with a steep learning curve. My pictures were tiny (I didn't know you could manipulate their size) and for a while I didn't even have access to a camera. That was tricky. My typos and grammatical errors haven't improved. I've always needed a good editor. But hopefully my storytelling is getting a little better. Some days I have more than 2 1/2 readers, which is really nice.

I get a lot of flack for eschewing the Facebook. "You'll get so much more traffic. Thousands of people will read your blog." My instincts tell me that FB is an evil Big Brother (or the Antichrist) and I am stubbornly opposed to conformity on demand. At least for now, I write sans FB.

So here's to another year, or another four, although four years from now we might emit our blogs via brainwaves or brainchips. Gosh, if I am anti-Facebook imagine how I'll deal with brainchips. Thanks again, dear readers, for visiting.

Icon Solar House on The Mall

Another birthday, er... anniversary arrives this month. Nearly two years ago my food and culture column was born over at the Gaylord Hub. Today homemade oatmeal bars are featured at Called to the Table.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I'm hoping many many more years to come!

patrice said...

Thanks Mrs. L! And I am so happy to see your posting again!!

frimp said...

I love your blog...and all the witty comments too.

stephanieann said...

congrats! keep up all the great work :)

patrice said...

Thanks frimp and stephanieann!