Tuesday, September 24, 2013


September is just a placeholder between the State Fair and October. I speed through the month like I'm driving a clown car in the fast lane. This week the weather is fine and I want to slow down but it is difficult to find the breaks when I am wearing these over-sized clown shoes.

We are still plucking beautiful peppers, chilies, and tomatoes from our garden. The basil and herbs are prospering. At the market we load up on carrots, apples, and squash. I even found purple sweet potatoes last week.

Last night I hollowed out a handful of jalapenos, stuffed them with cheese, and propped them up over hot charcoal. When the weather is cool the grill seems smokier, and my hair smells like I was at a bonfire. Each evening as we rush to be outside, I remind the cats that their time frolicking in the catio grows as short as the days. The shadows are long and the nights are chilly.

Slow down, I tell myself. Find the breaks! Don't miss this. Clown shoes are not nearly as cute as autumn boots.

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