Thursday, September 26, 2013

Making the World Better One Tummy At A Time

In the October issue of Food Network Magazine a claim is made that sandwiches are one of the most difficult foods to capture visually. Soup is my photographic nemesis. That is probably why I don't blog about it very often. But bread is up there on the difficulty scale as well, and I usually try to snap a shot before I cut into a loaf.

But oh, chocolate bread? I cannot help myself. I have no control when bread comes out of the oven, especially chocolate bread. I slice into it before it finishes cooling. Biting into a warm crusty piece slathered with melty butter is a culinary wonder.

Over at Called to the Table is an ode to no-knead and a recipe for Chocolate Bread. Creating a loaf of bread, especially the no-knead variety, forces us to slow down and embrace simplicity. Bake some this weekend and our world will become a better place. One tummy at a a time.  

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