Tuesday, August 27, 2013

State Fair Diary: Is It Hot Enough For You?

So, twelve of us went in the fair, three of us come out and the heat took the rest.

Our office lunch at The Fair could have been a little death-marchy, especially while temperatures soared and media-types kept screeching about heat indexes. But we are Fair Aficionados. We powered through with the aid of every sprinkler, fan, and mister along the way.

We enjoyed old favorites: fried pickles, Big Fat Bacon, Island Noodles, Hotdish-on-a-Stick (Ole and Lena's serve this treat with a side of mushroom soup gravy, but I prefer dipping the battered and deep fried tater tots and meatballs in the lingonberry preserves they serve with Lynn's Lefse - located in the Food Building), Tejas guacamole and Ball Park Cafe garlic fries (no matter what, when, or why, I always find my way back to the beer gardens), and a bucket of Sweet Martha's.

New Foods Update: love the French Meadow Dough-sant, the Orange Shandy at the Leinie Lodge, deep-fried Minnepumpkin pie, and the Craft Beer Battered Onion Rings.

Am I tempted to return again for lunch today? Um, yes... wanna come with me? Suit up, Fair Lovers! If the heat doesn't get you, the fried food will.  

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