Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seasonal Hoarding Disorder

Farmers markets over-stimulate me and in a panic I pluck every cucumber, currant, pepper, and green bean in my path. Tomatoes of every size and shape spill out of my bag. Fresh mushrooms mingle with the blueberries and beets. Radish tops tickle the fennel fronds who wrestle with dill and parsley, and when I unload the lot my fridge no longer shuts easily. "Make room for more produce."

I've got seasonal hoarding disorder.

Melons are ripening in the fields and I am starting to worry that their bulk will send me over the edge. How on earth will I store all of those beauties? And how many salads and salsas and grilled vegetables and quick-pickles is it possible for two humans to consume in a day? I'll contemplate these questions as I dig into my breakfast of raspberries and arugula.

Meanwhile, over at Called to the Table is a recipe for a Thai-style salad loaded with watermelon, radishes, cucumbers. basil, and mint.

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