Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cat Blogging: Orange is the New Cat

We coworkers gathered between cubes for a weekend update. A few weeks earlier one of our younger comrades started sprinkling conversations with prison references and enthusiastic endorsements of a new show on Netflix. "Orange is the New Black! I cannot stop watching it!" It took a week or two for the rest of us to catch up, and we realized Monday morning that five of us spent our weekend binge-watching Piper and the gals at Litchfield Prison. 

"I feel so dirty," a male cohort told me quietly. His wife and kids were gone all weekend and he had been excited to get a few projects done around the house. Instead, he watched all thirteen episodes of OITNB: a living room marathon.

We weren't alone. Friends admitted they were putting the kids to bed early so they could return to prison. My niece emailed me and we discovered we had identical viewing schedules. My hair stylist who never watches television confessed she was on episode five.

T and I began Friday evening. It wasn't easy convincing T to watch a chicks-in-prison-show. His tastes tend more toward political, sci-fi, and stuff with guns. "You are lucky Captain Janeway is in this," he said, referring to "Red" the prison lunchroom lady played by Kate Mulgrew (FYI the best Star Trek captain EVER). "Otherwise there is no way I'd watch this." We merrily Netflixed the weekend away. 

I learned yesterday than T enjoyed the show so much he recommended it to his mother.

My takeaways from OITNB: prison culture is like high school only more violent, the food sucks, there is no privacy (except in the chapel), and yet even in prison you can find someone to do you hair and makeup after yoga class. 

A television bender inevitably leads to withdrawal. We took a break outside to grill dinner. The cats roamed our fenced-in backyard; three little prisoners enjoying reprieve. Orange Orson, still the new cat, napped in the catnip patch and rested his head on a cement pillow. Oskar acted as security guard, making his rounds up and down the yard. Olive waited on the court, hoping for a friend to play ball with.



stephanieann said...

cutie pies. and you're welcome for the recommendation ;)

patrice said...

Yes THANK YOU for the recommendation stephanieann!