Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cat Blogging: Biggest Loser Set Backs

                      Our boys coming home from the vet

Maybe things would be different if Orson had an endorsement deal. Maybe weight loss would be easier if he felt motivated by something other than food. Maybe a treadmill or encouraging companion would help. We are running out of ideas. Orson's most recent weigh-in did not go well. He is up much more than we thought possible. This after months of dieting. A friend suggested perhaps he has a thyroid problem. I worry his life will be short. T worries that we will be bathing Orson several times a week forever, as he isn't able to reach his delicate places.

This cat loves his breakfast so much that he joins us in bed around midnight and stares at us while we sleep. If you've ever had a hungry 20-plus pound cat sit in bed staring at you with his piercing blue eyes and tiny vampire teeth you know it can be a little unsettling. As soon as the morning alarm goes off Orson leaps from bed and runs down the hall. It is his most rigorous exercise of the day. If we don't follow him to the kitchen, he trots back to the bedroom and scolds us with his incessant meows.

Most evenings he plays with his siblings. There are wrestling matches with Oskar, smooching sessions with Olive. Our summer with the three compadres has been quiet and magical. We were convinced that Orson was getting closer to his goal weight.

We are so bummed about this most recent weight loss fail that I am not even going to post Orson's current stats. I don't want to embarrass him. Maybe this month things will be better. The great thing about diets is that every day is a fresh start, a new opportunity to set things right.

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