Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off-the-Grid Grilling

I wrote earlier this week about our weekend adventures without power. The two most annoying bits of the weekend had nothing to do with my personal loss of electrical appliances, but were instead noise (generators) and mosquitoes (bites). The mosquito fallout continues these several days later. I am swollen from head to toe in itchy bumps. I look like I have an infectious disease. Like chickenpox. Or mumps. I wear my disfigurement like a trophy earned at camp. Summer is here!

The best part of losing power for a weekend is learning to rely on improvisation rather than electricity. I never thought of making nachos on the grill before. But a hungry girl in need is a creative girl indeed. The result: the best nachos I've ever had. Charcoal gives each chip a tasty char, and if you load the nachos with lots of peppers and onions, the nachos don't feel quite as "death-to-the-diet" as they ought to. We didn't have leftovers, but if we had I would have added a few eggs to the nachos and grilled up breakfast.

Get the "Off-the-Grid" Grilled Fajita Nachos recipe over at Called to the Table, then use your instincts to grill up something interesting this weekend.

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