Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime and the Grilling Is Easy

Pork loin is one of those products I forget about. Then I pick some up and remember what a great cut it is: lean, flavorful, and perfect for grilling. But finding meat I am not afraid to eat is becoming increasingly difficult. Mark Bittman summed it up pretty well this week in his NY Times article "Make Peace with Meat." I want meat that is humanely and sustainably raised, and humanely killed (is that possible?). I am paying a lot more per pound and eating a lot less and I am OK with that.

Americans, some of us anyway, are finally embracing the philosophy of Less Is More. We are learning to read labels, befriending our farmers, and not fainting when shelling over $7.50 for a small package of local sustainable nitrate-free bacon. Grassfed beef, happy chickens, and farm fresh trout make for easy summer grilling. Expensive, but morally easy.

Over at Called to the Table today is a celebration of spring produce and a recipe for Grilled Pork Loin with Rhubarb Sauce. The flavors of spring (um... summer?) are finally here. 

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