Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smoky Souvenirs

Remember when your parents would leave you and your siblings behind to go on a romantic vacation or a work conference (or, as was most often the case in our house, a dog show)? Occasionally they'd bring you back some cool souvenir toy like a Native American doll or a Tonka Truck.

Now that I'm an adult the souvenirs I love most are regional fare. It is lucky I don't have a small child at home because instead of snuggling up with a cool stuffed Lutsen moose, she'd have to make due with a bottle of maple syrup, a frozen pasty, or some smoked fish.

Smoked fish is awesome on its own, spread with some butter or soft cheese over a cracker or good bread. This weekend I'll make a hot cheesy fish dip. It is also great mixed with some crunchy bits and served as a salad or spread.  Meanwhile, over at Called to the Table is a recipe for Smoked Fish Salad.


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