Sunday, April 28, 2013

Advice from Linders

T and I took our weekend advice from Linders and headed outside.

The cats made their first backyard inspection of the year. Olive rolled on the warm patio floor (or, "catio" as Jackson Galaxy says). Oskar thinks his leash is a punishment and spent Saturday afternoon glowering in the weeds. Orson was impressed with the catnip garden and nuzzled deep in the dirt to find the tender green shoots underneath the mulch. (While Olive needs a good reason to come back inside, the boys were content indoors this morning and snuggled together in a pile of T's laundry.)

The windows are open and a breeze is replacing stale air with fresh. We sip root beer floats through a straw and T watches another Twins game. The quilts and washed and hanging outdoors to dry. Beer soaked brats hit the grill last night and a rack of ribs is dry rubbed in preparation for tonight's charcoal feast. And yeah it is probably a little soon to get our seeds planted, but lettuce loves cool mornings and mild days.

Yes, it is indeed time to come out of the house.

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