Thursday, March 7, 2013

Caraway Dreaming

Back on the New Nordic bandwagon means our house smells like rye bread laced with caraway, fennel, and orange. A thick loaf rises each Saturday and bakes on Sunday so that all week I have little smörgås for breakfast: radish and cream cheese, Provolone with prosciutto and fig, maybe egg with salmon and dill. The caraway and fennel hangout like backup singers, lending a bit of harmony to what might otherwise be a yawn-able sandwich.

Caraway is one of those aromatics that doesn't get enough respect. I was happy to see NPR give the caraway a nice plug this week in Kitchen Window. Toast up a slice of rye and read the piece here. Caraway isn't just for limpa and aquavit anymore. Add it to pickles, cabbage, salads, and Pickled Cabbage Salad. Need a recipe? Head over to Called to the Table where you will also find a quick and easy recipe for baked fish sticks


frimp said...

Isn't Aquavit made of Caraway?

patrice said...

Yes frimp, there is usually caraway in aquavit. that is part of what makes it so darned delicious!