The Secret Life of Rye

You know those popular so-called 7-grain breads that are all soft and gooey? The multi grain bread they bake at FIKA kicks sand in the face of those sad loaves. Once you hear the story of how Chef Michael Fitzgerald came upon the recipe for this sour dough of rye, whole wheat, sesame and flax seeds, cracked rye, and rolled oats you'll never return to the softer side of rye. 

The New York Times, The Washington Post, and most recently Travel and Leisure have had their romances with Nordic food in Minnesota. I think it is high time for us Minnesotans to discuss the phenomenon. How did we become America's center of Nordic cuisine? Next month Chad Snelson and Chef Michael (from American Swedish Institute's FIKA) and I will present "The New Nordic" for the Minnesota History Center's History of Hip event. We'll talk about all things Nordic and food, and guests will get to hear the story of FIKA's amazing rye bread. I'm told there are no longer scary clowns in the Turf Club's Scary Clown Room, so there is nothing to fear about this event, except not getting a ticket...  


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