Simplicity, Bow Ties, and Popcorn

With the return of bow ties and (apparently) popcorn society can breath a sigh of relief and smile that simplicity is trending (except... trending is no longer a trendy word). The world has gotten so complicated, so jaded, and so "been there done that" that we are actually going there and doing that. Again. Orville Redenbocker, this year is for you!

My grandpa gave me a pink metal popcorn bowl when I was a kid. Each of us girls got one, each in a different metallic hue. I still have mine and use it for popcorn and other snacks. Grandpa also gave each of us a plastic gun cup. Mine is blue. Drinking milk from that gun glass, as it is referred to in my family, transported me to Cowgirl Land where I roped cattle and rode my trusty steed. I also smoked candy cigarettes. Reality has taken the fun out of childhood in more ways than one. As the world's complications and violence continue, no wonder Americans stopped dieting last year.

This week's Called to the Table is all about the joy of popcorn rituals. Return to simple times and simple pleasures this weekend and pop up a batch of Spiced Asiago Popcorn or Orange-Caramel Peanut Corn. Breath in, breath out, and carry on.


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