Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greek By Design

Oh how I love my friend K's weddings. Now that she is hinting at renewing her vows I am renewing my expectations of the meal we shall celebrate with. In this week's Called to the Table I recall with joy the groom's dinner for her wedding to the Greek. How can she top that one? Oh, she'll find a way.

As I wait for her next wedding party I'll plate up a few more slices of my play on Lasagna Pastitsio. One of my better creations, and as close to hot dish as you'll find here. I made a pan on Saturday that we ate for dinner, Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner. Monday night I nearly wept as we ate the final serving. I am finding ways to sneak more vegetables into our meals thus the layer of spinach. Next time I might add zucchini to the meat sauce.

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