Thursday, January 24, 2013

All My Birthday Bars

If you've been around CulturalConstruct for a while, you might recognize the bar pictured above. Two years ago T asked for his favorite cocktail in a bar form rather than a birthday cake and the Margarita Bar was born. This year T requested a cake we saw in an old Star Trek Voyager episode (Neelix baked Kes an enormous shiny blue concoction while she was transporting back in time and happened to be married to Tom Paris - more on that plot twist later) so this weekend I will attempt the culinary creation. I'm thinking... blueberry-cherry chiffon. Check back next week to see if I am successful.
Warning: the following paragraph will only interest those readers who fondly remember the Golden Era of soap operas.

(When I think of Tom Paris, I recall the actor who played him. In the late 80s Robert Duncan McNeill had a gig on All My Children as Charlie Brent. And when I think of All My Children I recall the demise of the soap opera coinciding with the death of my rubber chicken (another posting you might recognize if you've been around CulturalConstruct for a while). Now here is where things get really crazy. For Christmas I was gifted a rubber chicken replacement to hang with my pots and pans in the kitchen, and now we hear that All My Children will indeed return. This time around we'll watch via the Internet rather than television. Will this experiment work? Will the older soap opera viewing population replace their TV with a computer? And will anyone besides me care about the Pine Valley citizens 17 months after we said goodbye?)

Over to Called to the Table is a soap opera-free tale of Margarita Bars and Birthdays.


frimp said...

Can I consult your rubber chicken for lottery numbers?

patrice said...

No, sorry frimp, this chicken is soap opera only.