On Pinterest and Pretzels

I love the idea of Pinterest, honestly I do. It isn't quite as intrusive as Facebook (yet) and it encourages hefty sharing of recipes and ideas. And although I am anti-cell phone and FB I am a not complete Luddite. My problem with Pinterest is that I just cannot figure it out.

Lucky for me I have friends and relatives who share their favorite Pinterest finds with me, such as the above chocolate topped pretzels. I shall call them Megan's Pinterest Pretzels in honor of the niece who discovered them for me.

Next time I'll use a bigger pretzel (I appreciate a larger pretzel to candy ratio), melt the chocolate a titch bit longer, and use a tweezers to push the M&Ms into the kisses.

Megan's Pinterest Pretzels
40 small square pretzels
40 dark chocolate Kisses (or Hugs of choice)
40 Christmas-colored M&Ms (any flavor)

Place single-layer of pretzels on baking sheet. Top each pretzel with unwrapped Kiss or Hug. Bake in 200 degree oven until chocolate is just melted; about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven and push an individual M&M into each Kiss.


Seriously, when this holiday season is over with (or maybe on Christmas Eve Eve?) we should probably just sit down and I'll help explain how to use Pinterest! Also, OMNOMNOM those look so good.
Unknown said…
I made these this weekend using white chocolate mint kisses (as first - I had never seen these before!)and they were great!
patrice said…
Hi Elegant Designs. Did your kisses stick to the pretzels? A lot of mine fell right off.

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