Lucia and Latkes

Glad Lucia Dag! December 13th is here again and for the first time since I learned about St. Lucia Day, I didn't make my own saffron-kissed Lucia Buns. IKEA to the rescue (I hope). If you are fond of home baked goodies, as I am, and actually have time to putter in the kitchen today, link to my favorite updated recipe here, or a more traditional versions here. I'll  snack on a Lussebulle or two while catching up on this year's Julkalendern (Sweden's annual holiday series that runs from December 1 through Christmas). Lucia buns make several appearances in the program this year. Don't speak Swedish? Head over to YouTube for a great overview of Lucia Dag (a.k.a. Lucia for Dummies).

St. Lucia Day is a good time for nostalgia. Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite food moments, like when my mom brought new foods to our table. Her experiments with Jewish cooking were like a dozen light bulbs (or Hanukkah candles?) going off in my head as I discovered new tastes. People often underestimate the power that food has to enlighten us. Sharing our food traditions is one of the quickest ways to bring about cultural understanding and celebration. Today's Called to the Table revisits what I like to call my Latke Moment, and provides a recipe for Liptauer Spread.


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