Cookie Hebdomad

So hovdessert had more than fifteen minutes. In fact, she had a full week.

It began with a victory in the StarTribune cookie contest. The following day, student journalist Brook paid my kitchen a visit and filmed while I baked six batches of hovdessert for an event at Mill City Museum. Saturday we finalists fed and mingled with cookie lovers in the Mill City baking lab, and chatted with fellow bakers about the inspiration behind their entries. Finally hovdessert, Taste editor Lee Dean, and I appeared on KARE 11 to talk about the commemorative StarTribune cookie e-cookbook and do a quick demo.

Before this experience I thought that a State Fair Blue Ribbon was the pinnacle of a Minnesotan baker's success. I had no clue of the attention this cookie thing would reap. Now, the uproar is over and I can begin contemplating next year's entry...

(Title disclaimer: Yes, yes, I admit to subscribing to A Word A Day. Self-improvement and all that. hebdomad noun: 1. A group of seven. 2. A period of seven days; a week.)




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