Thursday, November 8, 2012

Channeling Brilliance

The holidays are sneaking up on us this year! I woke up at 3 AM Monday morning with the realization that I double-booked the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I've got a longstanding (18 years) date with old high school chums to celebrate what we called Friends Thanksgiving (FT), a dinner party that honors those among us who returned from college vegans. But ASI bumped up the date of their Annual Lutfisk Dinner and hey, there is no way I am missing that. Ah the dilemmas of a full social calendar.

For FT this year we are recreating some of the most wonderful meals I've enjoyed this year. In fact, practically our entire menu is inspired by the Big River Slow Food event held in September. This week's Called to the Table explains FT and provides a recipe for savory stuffed apples. My stuffed apples are not as brilliant as the Fire-roasted autumn fruits that Corner Table served, but they make a lovely vegetarian course.

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