Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Updates

Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week, and October is my favorite month.

This happy Thursday in October finds me in the kitchen experimenting with recipes from Eleanor Ostman's cookbook Always on Sunday, which features excerpts from her Sunday food column that ran in the St. Paul newspaper for 30 years (still a record for longest running personal column). I met with Eleanor two weeks ago and am working on an article about her and her amazing career. Until then, I am happy to spend time with her words and her witty advice as I putter away.

My own personal food column runs always on Wednesday in the Gaylord Hub, and I post those pieces on Thursdays. Another reason I love the day! It was exactly a year ago this week that Hub publisher Joe Dies accepted my pitch to write for my favorite community newspaper. This week's column is all about squash. I went a little nuts at the farmers market last week and brought home more squash than the four of us (T, me, and the two felines) can eat in year. We'll be as orange as Snooki by the time Halloween rolls around. I'm adding fried sage to our menus hoping for a little balance.

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