Saturday, September 22, 2012

Medieval Weekend Adventures

I've always held that Renaissance Festival People are different than State Fair People. I am a State Fair Person. My dear friend K is a Ren-Fest Person. The beauty is that we see and respect each other's differences, and we do what we can to understand them. K does Good Ren-Fest and there isn't anyone else I'd want to do the Renaissance Festival with.

Together with a band of a dozen or so friends we enjoy the view even while doing battle with the colorful crowds. K revels in the atmosphere and makes sure my wine glass is always full.

This year as every year we happy wanderers traipsed the dusty paths and talked to strangers (mostly in period costumes with fake accents) and had our tarots read. We fed our Swedish friend J her first cheese curd, bought $2 popovers (best deal and tastiest treat on the grounds), and admired the dogs. Endless vats of wine were drained by those of us indulging. Finally, as the drum rolls ended the day we somehow managed the three mile hike back to our parked cars and left medieval Shakopee behind.


frimp said...

Who's the square that wore the New Balance shoes?

patrice said...

Hi frimp. We had a sort of nerdy dude from the suburbs with us. He sports those running shoes in public a LOT. I usually walk a few paces away from him so people won't think we know each other.