Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dill-Basil Pesto

Oh Pesto Pizza, how I love you. I love you infused with crystally aged Italian cheese and lemon and garlic. I love you sprinkled with pignoli, drizzled with olive oil, and perfumed with seafood. I love you nestled with olives and peppers. I love you grilled or baked or zapped for breakfast in the office microwave. I love you so hot that you burn the roof of my mouth.  I love you cold. I love you Pesto Pizza, with all of my heart.

I've pureed pesto using basil picked fresh from my yard. I've purchased expensive store-bought stuff swimming in plastic tubs. I've toyed with rosemary, sage, orange, and walnuts; experimented with cilantro and pumpkin seeds. I've whirred roasted red peppers with almonds and labelled it "Red Pepper Pesto" without even a hint of sarcasm. Rare is the pesto that hasn't befriended my pizza crust.

But until last week I've never done dill pesto: combine handfuls of fresh dill and basil, a heavy dose of olive oil, lemon, Parm-Reg, garlic, and pignoli. Now I am a convert. Dill pesto is a zesty partner for shrimp, salmon, clams, etc. Spread that baby on your pizza and suddenly life isn't so bad.


Chris Coyle said...

As much as I love dill (load it up in lentil soup, eggs, you name it), it would never have occurred to me to use it in Pesto for some reason. Glad to know it worked well - definitely going on my list!! Thanks. :)

patrice said...

Hi Chris! Yes, the dill is super fresh in a pesto. I cannot wait to try it with salmon or trout.