Tuesday, August 28, 2012

State Fair Bingo Night

Every year our Minnesota State Fair Trivia Contest gets a little smaller. This 6th Annual Festivity has been whittled down to one evening of State Fair Bingo. We started with a group of twelve then lost revelers along the way. Truth be told, once we had a BINGO WINNER our whole group sort of fell apart.

I consider myself to be an uncommonly knowledgeable Fairer, but this year I was introduced to a delectable treat that has been around for awhile. Holy Land (over in the International Bazaar) has an herby-smooth Mediterranean lemonade that when combined with beer becomes Beergaritas kissing cousin and those who partake are happy to be kissed. In a very scientific Fairground poll taken after a Minnesota State Fair version of Pass the Dutchie, the Med-Lemon-Beer tied with Beergarita as the most refreshing drink (3 votes for Beergarita, 3 for Med-Lemon-Beer, and 3 "I cannot choose, they are both super tasty.").

State Fair Bingo Food Lessons: our group usually loses interest before we get to the Corn Dog versus Pronto Pup taste test, a few bites of lamb testicles are all a person needs, and corn on the cob can be a spiritual experience.


frimp said...

Love the new subtitle...I'm going to be at the MN state fair soon; tell me in your opinion, what foods should I avoid?

Mrs. L said...

Are the lamb testicles deep fried? Cuz I'd pretty much try anything deep fried LOL

patrice said...

Hi frimp! When you go to the Fair avoid any food you see discarded in the streets. Otherwise, have at it and tell me your thoughts afterward!

patrice said...

Hi Mrs. L. The "Lamb Fried" come grilled with onions OR deep-fried. We had the deep-fried which tasted pretty much like nothing, but I hear that the grilled are fantastic!