Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bronze versus Silver?

You know how the media reports that winning the bronze medal in the Olympics is better than winning the silver? Something about how if you win the silver you always wonder what it would have taken to win gold, but if you win the bronze you are all, "Hell, yes! Party time!" Today I experienced the magnificent honor of winning a bronze! And I am all, "Hell, yes!! Party time!" My Ethnic Bread entry, Semlor, took its place as a Third Place Ribbon winner at the Minnesota State Fair. And I couldn't be happier!

I have one more "event." Tomorrow is SPAM day. My shift in the Eco Building is during during drop-off, so T generously agreed to bring my SPAM entry to the competition. So elated over my two ribbons that wishing for a third seems greedy.

Meanwhile in the Honey Wing of the Ag-Hort Building, my friend Cynthia also won bronze for her lip balm! Still waiting for the results of her vegetables...

And on a really happy note, remember that 16 year-old kid I stood with in line on Sunday? He won a Blue Ribbon for his cookies!

2012 Minnesota State Fair Day One Rating : Beyond superb.

Oh, and what did I eat? For breakfast, a wild rice corn dog and a Starbuck's iced coffee. For lunch, Giggle's new Walleye Roll. The roll is getting rave reviews, but I thought it was rather bland. Could have used some tart - lemon juice, or maybe a pickle.


Mrs. L said...

No way, a SPAM contest? I so wanna be there just to taste all the concoctions! I'm cracking up here because I'm making my Moms famous SPAM Casserole for dinner tonight LOL.

So, details!! What was your entry?

patrice said...

Hi Mrs. L! You should book your tickets to MN next year! I am a great tour guide! I'll post details on my SPAM entry later. It wasn't pretty!