Thursday, July 19, 2012

Principles of Corn

I was talking the other day with a corn academic about the sad state of Minnesota sweet corn. "It's been bred to be too sweet. I prefer the heirlooms," he told me.

It reminded me of a purple varietal friends grew a few years ago. They left the country on sabbatical and offered up their verdant garden to friends. I'd visit the plot early and often, trying to get my hands on more of that purple stuff. It was an epiphany of flavor and texture and "Oh, so this it what corn is supposed to taste like!"

But honestly, corn is like bacon, or pizza, or wine. I've met very few cobs I didn't like.

In this week's Called to the Table I walk down corn field lane and recall a magical, mystical night of "Corn Creeping" that took place in rural Minnesota. Whip up a batch of Sweet Corn Ice Cream and come along.

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