Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebratory Cheese

In honor of May 17th's Norwegian Constitution Day my grocer had a sale on two popular Norwegian cheeses. Gjetost or brunost, brown cheese, is a soft and lightly sweet caramel-colored cheese. I am not a particularly huge fan, but that is probably because I haven't experimented enough with the flavor and texture of this whey cheese. Snofrisk, or snow-fresh, on the other hand, was an instant hit when I tried it for the first time last week. I've crumbled it over salad and toyed with the idea of frying it. The best thing I've done with it so far (outside of eating it out of the container with a spoon) was to roll it into small teaspoon-sized balls, then roll the balls in chives, chive flowers, crushed red peppercorns, and orange zest. Wow. So tasty. These were great popped into salad, as well as atop thin slices of cucumber and radish.


Mrs. L said...

I have not seen it in stores around here...think they only carry import it regionally?

patrice said...

We do tend to get a lot more Scandinavian imports than the average city. If you ever do see this cheese, BUY IT! So delicious. You can probably achieve similar flavors but mixing your favorite chevre with cream cheese.