Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cat Blogging: Of Mice and Cats

Had we known more about Oskar's personality before we named him, we likely would have gone the literary route and coined him Lennie. Like Steinbeck's character in Of Mice and Men, Oskar's essence is simple: he is incredibly strong, he is single-mindedly devoted to one being (Olive), and he loves petting soft things (a.k.a. Olive) and cannot control his urges and strength once the petting begins. With a personality like that, we were sure he'd make a great mouser!

Last night Oskar's mousing talents were finally put to the test. And he failed. Apparently, he is as repulsed by rodents as I am. Rather than following Olive's experienced example of cornering the mouse and allowing T to capture the beast for later release back into the wild, Oskar's chase was blind and confused. "Where we goin' Olive?" "I remember about the rabbits."

The mouse got away and Olive shook her head in disgust.

Update: We returned home tonight to a dead mouse and two prancing cats. T is sad about the loss of life (no catch and release this time around) but I'll sleep easier. Even Olive seems happier with Oskar's help, "We travel together."*

*My apologies to Steinbeck for such liberal use of his quotes.

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