Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peep Peep Peep

I've seen recipes for deep fried Peeps (compete with a coconut shell), chocolate covered Peeps, almond bark Peeps, Peep Pizza, and Peeps on-a-stick. There are bunny-shaped Peeps, Christmas and Halloween Peeps, and Peeps and Company stores. Without any irony whatsoever I follow Peeps on Twitter.

I prefer my Peeps a little stale and shaped like a baby chick, preferably during Easter. But with all these Peep-ortunities, I do wonder that they haven't figured out a way to make them kosher for Passover. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Good Peeping!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Washington Post Peeps Show? This year's winning diorama was "Occupeep DC" featuring many bunny peeps of all colors. Power to tje peeps!

patrice said...

OH this IS a hoot... er, tweep? Thanks!