Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tanning the Chicken

I was going to blog about chicken loaf. But after viewing my photos of sad little pasty slabs freckled green with dill and mint, I decided to spare you the recipe and the vision. Food should be appealing both on the tongue and on the plate. Food should not look like my translucent sisters in their bikinis on the first day of summer in 1973.

The girls added iodine to baby oil and slathered it over their limbs, insistent that iodine accelerated the tanning process. When the baby oil ran out, they'd melt butter for lotion and the garage roof where a half dozen girls laid in the sun took on the smell of basting flesh. By the third day of tanning, they took on an acceptable brown hue.

Tonight I'll try to add some color to the leftover chicken loaf before T and I eat dinner, and remind myself that summer and suntans are around the bend.


Mrs. L said...

OMG I so remember the iodine in the baby oil trick! And it wasn't regular butter I used but bars of cocoa butter that I paid a fortune for at the local drugstore...gulp...think I just dated myself didn't I :)

patrice said...

Cocoa butter! How extravagant! It is cheaper for a teen to borrow butter from the kitchen :)