Monday, February 20, 2012

Cat Blogging: My Cat From Hell

It is a bad idea to watch an episode of My Cat From Hell before heading off to the pet store. Host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy prescribes three activities to families with cat issues: build heights for cats to climb, clean litter boxes more often (and have more of them available), and engage in more PLAY with felines. Inevitably after just one episode of Cat From Hell I feel guilty, then end up purchasing even more toys and gadgets for our spoiled little beasts.

I keep finding soft toys that I think Olive will especially enjoy. Oskar suffers from the belief that every toy in our house belongs to him. Last night I caught him carrying one of Olive's new toys to the big toy box (apparently, Oskar's toy box) and dropping it in among the others. Part of me was proud that I have a cat that can pick up after himself. Part of me was horrified that Oskar is becoming a hoarding bully. He spent his youth in solitude and never learned to share with others. I wonder if Jackson makes home visits to Minnesota.

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