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A quick google search for "return of the scrunchy" nets quotes from Sex and the City, recent photos of Hillary Clinton, and hundreds of blog addresses arguing for or against the redeeming merits of puffy tail binders.  Few accessories stir up such passion and disdain; except possibly for my dear banana clip.  As she experienced near death in the late 90s, many voices rose to condemn her false reign.  Yet the banana clip, plastic and tacky though she is, creates a clever and snazzy updo while scrunchies simply induce thoughts of jazzercise and face washing.  But don't be fooled into thinking of Snooki.  The banana clip is no bump-it.

Besides we've adorned ourselves with tacky stuff before and are none the worse for wear now.  Hello black plastic bracelets and over-sized ribbons that drooped over our Madonna-wanna-be bustiers.  Hello kiddy-lace anklets underneath stiletto pumps.  Who can forget that pink-checked baby-doll jumper (with the elastic around our upper thighs) that many of us wore in our twenties?  Plus, we've mostly recovered from the plaid flannel of our grunge period, and honestly I still kind of dig sundresses layered over white tshirts and paired with combat boots.

Earlier this summer I quietly declared June "Return of the Banana Clip Month" and began publicly sporting the ornament (hey, if the Brits can bring back the fascinator, who can stop this Midwestern girl from re-popularizing banana clips?).  Now that summer's humidity is upon us, my little clips keep heavy hair off my neck, shoulders, and face.  Ah, refreshing.  And so cute.

Someone else must be wearing them.  They continue to be sold at Walgreen's and Target.  Are my fellow banana clip lovers hiding? Do fear and embarrassment keep them from coming forward?  With enough of us stepping out of the shadows of fashion purgatory we can bring on our own viva la banana clip revolution!  Join me!  ... at least until autumn cools us long enough to let our hair back down.  Then maybe we can roll up the sleeves on our retro-plaid flannels and lace up our black Doc Martens.


frimp said…
Wait...Doc Martens are out?
patrice said…
sorry to be the WEARER of bad news, frimp!

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