Favorite Blogs

I've been lax in food blogging for a week or two, and to make up for it I am passing along two sites that I check daily for ideas and inspiration.  I am not a lover of lengthy, wordy blogs. You know the type: you have to scroll down several times just to read one blurb. (Although this week you have been subjected to just those types of posts here!) These two blogs are smart, informative, funny, short, and sweet.

I've been reading her for years, and Anne's Food inspired the format of this blog. Anne is a Swede who blogs about food, cookbooks, her adorable son Titus, travel, cats, and occasionally about a nail polish color she likes. Check her out here: http://annesfood.blogspot.com/

Most recently I've discovered another Scandinavian food blog that also delights me. You can read Scandilicious here: http://www.signejohansen.com/


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