Tie a Golden Ribbon 'Round that Jar of Yeast

Before they left for the Czech Republic, Neil and Mark presented me with this jar filled with yeast.  As you can see, I've managed to use most of it.  I added the yeast to countless pizzas, loaves of bread, and other assorted experiments, many of them documented here.  Every time I dipped into the jar I'd think of my friends on their year-long adventure, and wish them safely home.

I didn't have a yellow ribbon to tie round the old oak tree, but this golden ribbon around the yeast jar relates my sentiment just as well.  Tonight our dear friends return home, and if I could I would decorate the city with yellow ribbons to show them how much they've been missed!


Anonymous said…
Oh, Patrice...that is the sweetest thing ever! We are so touched by the love and joy that cooking brings acros the worlds.
Glad the yeast rose to aid in making your stupendous creations!

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