Grilling Pizza

Fresh from the market, our shelves were bursting with produce and I was itching to get some dough on the grill.  Burrata is finally available again from my cheese monger, and we discovered it is the perfect cheese for grilled pizza.

The technique for grilled pizza is pretty simple.  I roll the dough out thin and carefully place it over hot coals on a rack lightly greased with olive oil (use a rolled up paper towel and tongs).  Cover and cook until the top of the crust gets puffy and grill marks appear on the cooking side.  Pull the crust off of the heat, top the grilled side with a few ingredients, and return the pizza to the grill to finish (cover to get melted cheese).  If we are adding produce that take some time to cook, such as potatoes or squash, I grill, boil, or fry those components before adding them to the pizza.

Use whatever toppings are fresh and available.  Who knew that fresh shucked peas would work so well on a pie? Add lots of herbs and try to adhere to the less is more philosophy with everything else (at which I fail miserably).  Grilled pizza is proof that God exists and she loves us. 


frimp said…
I notice there is no tomato sauce on your pizza...why the irrational prejudice against red sauce?
patrice said…
Fret not frimp. I love tomato sauce, but pizza doesn't have to be defined by the red. But for a really nice tomato sauce (goes great on pizza or pasta) check out this archived recipe -

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