Cooking Matters: Volunteer Party!

Last spring I was the classroom manager for our first Cooking Matters class with kids.  Imagine the chaos in a classroom filled with a dozen enthusiastic eight to twelve year-olds, sharp knives, and boiling water. Graduating those students from the program without any injuries was a thrill! This past spring I spent time with adults (and a few teens) in a mostly Spanish-speaking classroom.  Our time together was rewarding and personal, in spite of our language differences.

Those of us who volunteer do so because we enjoy outreach, or results, or interaction, or learning, etc.  I've been chipping in with Cooking Matters for over a year now, pretty much since Share our Strength began a partnership with University of Minnesota Extension.  I did not know then that the parties to celebrate volunteers would be almost as much fun as the volunteering!  Last night, one of our chefs hosted a spring shindig in her home, and treated us to an amazing spread.  Still hoping to get the recipe for her gazpacho which she served with shrimp and queso fresco.

Note: the school where we taught this spring was hit pretty hard by last month's tornado.  Donate to the relief effort here.


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