Truth in Advertising: Mochi

While living in Japan for nearly three years, I kept my picky American palate with me at all times.  This unfortunate luggage was a barrier between me and new food experiences.  It wasn't until I returned to Minnesota that I began a love affair with Japanese foods.

These sweet rice cakes may not look exactly like the outside of the box they come in, but they are addictive little bites.  These were a gift from S, which she purchased from a local Asian grocer. Each mouthful reminds me of a chewy gummi treat, but far more complex and delicious. I even enjoy the cornstarchy finish.

It didn't occur to me  that I could make my own.  When I stumbled across the blog globetrotterdiaries and read through their mochi recipe, I realized that a new kitchen challenge awaits!  Meanwhile, check out globetrotters link on the tradition of mochi.


L said…
This looks like a bad science lab dissection, but it gave me a good laugh.
patrice said…
Hi L! The color isn't one that we usually associate with tasty food but these babies are GOOD!

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