The Best Plates of the Week

Bewiched small plate:
Salmon and asparagus with garlic sauce; 
Summer squash, rare roast beef, and mushroom sauce; 
Tangy blue cheese; 
Smoked turkey, ramps, bacon with sweet smoky sauce

I am not a restaurant critic or journalist, so you won't read any slams on this blog naming specific establishments that have done my palate wrong.  You will however occasionally read about my favorite local dining experiences.  Some meals are meant to be remembered and admired.

Last week found me Happy Houring at several not-so-wonderful Mexican chains (Barrio being the joyfully tasteful exception: bring on those potato sopes!).  I was ready for good food (please, no more gloppy messes masquerading as chile rellenos), and good wine (please, no more cloying Margarita mix tainting my tequila).

Saturday following commencement we had breakfast at Tilia, the new Linden Hills restaurant that bills itself as a cafe.  The server placed before me stunning corn waffles topped with spinach, crab, two flawless poached eggs, all covered in an honest, almost gamy (flavored with bacon), hollandaise. Even better was the sauce on S's scrambled eggs, poached salmon, and asparagus.  The sauce is billed as a grapefruit and green pepper monté, and I could have soaked in it all afternoon. We shared T's cinnamon roll and pancakes to begin and end our meals with sweet balance.

Last night we headed to Bewiched where I always order the same thing: the chef's small plate.  The name doesn't aptly describe what these guys create.  There are "small" portions of beautiful bites that circle or line the plate with tastes that grow more complex and complimentary as you dig deeper into the components.  We brought home the seasonal bread pudding to enjoy later in the evening, and it got me thinking about how to combine my favorite tastes of the week in one dish.  Perhaps for tonight ... savory bread pudding with a citrus and chili monté.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it plays out.


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