Mimicking Magnum

Photo credit: nowpublic.com

T and I always make a point to ride the Magnum in the Minnesota State Fair Midway.  It is an annual adventure. The bulbous head and psychedelic palm trees don't mock Magnum; they are a tribute to him as we view Magnum through a carnie's eyes.  I've always admired authenticity.

It is a well known fact that T and I are Magnum P.I. devotees, especially as summer warmth moves in and T can kid about following his afternoon run with a beer chaser ala Magnum's workouts.  "I need to replace my carbs!"

When Magnum decides to teach Private Investigation 101 at the local community college, he is two students shy of minimum class capacity.  He recruits T.C. and Rick to enroll so that his class won't be canceled, and hilarity ensues.

When I was asked to teach a course here at the U, I wasn't sure that my topic would have wide appeal.  Swedish immigrant foodways is sort of a niche subject.  Like Magnum, my class is a few students short of minimum capacity, but unlike Magnum I will not be recruiting T.C. and Rick to enroll. Although they'd probably do pretty well in class (Rick is a terrific cook and T.C. is a multicultural sage).  And I could borrow T.C.'s van for grocery deliveries to the kitchen classroom. Or better yet, the helicopter!


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