Cat Blogging: Does Curiosity Kill?

Once, I accidentally walked into our bedroom and surprised T.  I knew immediately that I'd interrupted a private moment, but I couldn't look away.  T's back was to me.  He slowly swayed in an intimate dance, quietly and gently singing such loving words: "You are so fragile..."  He held Haley in his arms as if she were his infant and our cat gazed lovingly into his eyes. 

Recently, T and Olive have been spending a lot of alone time together.  I didn't complain when T bought Olive a Cat App for their IPAD.  I understand when he insists on taking her along for "quick road trips" to the convenience store.  Now, with their mutual fondness of YouTube feline films it appears their relationship is more cozy than ever. In fact, last night T confessed that he recently started a new YouTube channel titled "Olive's Favorites."  It may be too late for intervention.

Some private moments are not meant to be discovered by nosy spouses.


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