Fun with Rillette

Scoring a pint of Corner Table's pork rillette was a highlight of our vacation.  Simple is best, as is pairing the luscious duck fat and pork shoulder with something tart, sweet, and crunchy such as last summer's red hot pickles and last weekend's citrus-Craisin-lingonberry chutney.  Saturday we melted the fatty pork and tucked it into warm tortillas with quick-pickled mango relish.


Kath Cotter Lloyd said…
Yum on the fatty pork and mango. I loved the reference to brain chips on the siren blog. Possible future. This blog is wonderful. I love your writing. Keep it moving forward Patrice. XXOO Kath Cotter Lloyd
patrice said…
Thanks Kath. When our boys return we can roll in rillette to celebrate!

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