10 Buck Challenge

Last night our Cooking Matters class had a shopping tour at a local Cub Foods.  Our nutritionist Laura lead the group and explained everything from the economic benefits of buying seasonal produce to what to look for when reading cereal and bread labels.  After the tour, the students headed into the aisles to search for ingredients to make a nutritious dinner for a family of four with only $10 to spend.

I love this challenge, as does T.  In fact, inspired by a similar Top Chef challenge a few years ago, T often uses this model with his high school classes and asks students to prepare a $10 meal for their families and report back to him about their experiences (and recipes).  Over the next week or so I will be blogging occasionally about what I come up with when faced with this budget.  Try it yourselves and let me know what you come up with!

I will use the same rules we give to our Cooking Matters students. The budget for one meal that feeds a family of four is $10.  The meal can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner but it must contain representatives from each of the five food groups: vegetable, fruit, protein, dairy, and whole grains.


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