Valentine's Day: The Morning After

As much as my grandpa could be counted on to teach us Swedish limericks, he was also a notorious holidays gift giver.  He called long-distance to wish us happy birthday and to make sure we received our special cards and cash.  He braved Easter blizzards and Christmas ice storms to get to our house for celebrations and to lavish presents upon us.

Every Valentine's Day the biggest heart shaped box of chocolates known to lovers arrived at our doorstep.  The box was big enough, he said, so that each of his girls could have her fill of candy.  However, one of his girls was our dog Trina, a chocoholic, and she assumed the candy was for her as well.  To keep her hungry snout out of the box we tried to store it in the refrigerator, but the box was always too large and the door wouldn't shut.  We ate what we could, and by February 15th our mom would find a smaller box in which to store the loot.


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