Gone Fishing

The next several days will find me busy with fun food events and an immigrant farmer conference, and likely I will not have time to post.  To make up for my absence, I've post two new fish recipes on CulinaryConstruct.  The one pictured above is a riff on Tuna Noodle Hot Dish, but made without canned soup.   The other is simply salmon paired with a refreshing sour cream, lime, and cumin sauce. Enjoy, and I'll see you back here on Super Bowl Sunday with some Green and Gold recipes for the big game.

No-Can Tuna Noodles
2 servings

1/4 cup red pepper, diced fine
1 large green onion, chopped (separate green from white ends)
2 - 6 ounce tuna steaks
Zest of one Meyer lemon
Old Bay seasoning
1 new potato, sliced thin, tossed in olive oil, and oven baked to crisp
1 cup chicken stock
2 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup cream or milk
1 cup Parmesan
4 ounces cream cheese
Juice from Meyer lemon (to taste)
1 cup cooked egg noodles

Saute peppers and whites of the onion in 1 teaspoon olive oil. Remove from heat and set aside.

In same pan, bring stock, butter, and cream to simmer. When butter has melted add cheeses. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice; reduce by about half (10 - 20 minutes). Add cooked peppers and onion.

Season tuna with lemon zest, salt, pepper, and Old Bay seasoning. Grill on high temperature, both sides, until seared but still very pink in the middle.

Serve tuna over noodles with sauce. Garnish with green onion, crushed potato chips, parsley.

Salmon and Creamy Lime Sauce
Recipe adapted from Byerly's Food & Everyday Expertise
2 servings
1 medium lime, zest and juice separated
1/2 cup sour cream
2 teaspoons cumin
2 - 6 ounce salmon fillets, skin removed
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt, pepper

Combine lime juice and half the zest with the sour cream and 1 teaspoon of cumin. Season with salt and pepper; set aside.

Rinse salmon and pat dry. Season with remaining zest, cumin, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Rub olive oil on to each side of fillets. Bring saute pan to medium high heat. Add fillets and cook until a nice crust forms, about 4 minutes each side.

Serve fish with sauce.

Note: This sauce is also great on vegetables, such as asparagus or green beans, and would be terrific with other fish or poultry.


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