The Rodgers Restorative

I used to create green and gold themed food for football games, and coined names like "Brat Favre Pizza" (a pizza topped with green and gold peppers, and sliced brats), and "Donald Driver's Devil Dog" (beer, onion, and garlic soaked brat, grilled, then served in bun with grilled green and gold peppers, onions, garlic, and lots of relish and mustard).  But I've had difficulties creating a specialty for Aaron Rodgers.  His name inspires plenty of football cheers, but doesn't really tickle my culinary creativity.

During the holidays I stopped at a local and ordered one of their house cocktails.  It contained something called hum botanical elixir.  After purchasing a bottle of hum, I began experimenting with my own concoctions.  Last night, we toasted our team and our quarterback with this refreshing and celebratory bubbly blend.  It is sure to heal anything from a nasty knock on the head to palms bruised from high-fiving.  And a new legend in made.

The Rodgers Restorative
Add about a tablespoon of hum botanical elixir to champagne flute.  Drop a small slice of ginger into the flute.  Fill with champagne or good sparkling wine.


frimp said…
Rogers Restorative? Interesting, but what would go well with BJ Raji? Something excessive I imagine...
patrice said…
stay tuned, frimp. There will be more Packer-inspired recipes as the Super Bowl approaches.

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