Distractions From Panic

I woke up at 2 AM with a panic attack. SO MUCH TO DO! SO LITTLE TIME! My schedule from January through May is jammed with work and volunteering and more work and committee meetings and a little moonlighting. My calendar is filled with incidentals and distractions, as I use my non-work time to search for a role that will feed my spirit. I know the path I am on will eventually lead to my vocation, but this constant movement is exhausting.

Our alarm clock is a glowing nightlight that reminds me it is 2:24 AM and I haven’t accomplished anything yet this morning. I make a mental list of everything that needs to be done by 4:30 PM. The first tasks of the day include throwing up a blog entry.  Calmness returns. This little blog is the one responsibility over which I have complete control. At the very least, I have convinced myself of this control and it eases my panic. My next CulturalConstruct posting will be the 300th (which I think is kind of cool as it occurs during my Birthday Week). I am grateful for this escape-from-fret and for you for coming along. 

Back to lists and calendar…


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