Ugliest Sweater Ever!

Here kitty, kitty! 

For the second year in a row I am the recipient of our office party's Ugly Tacky Holiday Sweater Contest.  The pretty attached and embroidered lace collar pushed this ill-fitting ensemble over the top when this photo was sent to the Internet (via Twitter) for tie-breaker judgements.  Best of all, tomorrow T will be wearing these cats to his Ugly Sweater Contest at the high school where he teaches.  The kids are aware of his cat loving ways and proclivity to filming felines.  This sweater will seal his reputation and bring home the trophy. 

Do not attempt this at home, kids.  To successfully wear a sweater this magnificently hideous, you have got to own the look.  If you don't wear the sweater, it will wear you.


stephaniesays said…
congrats again! LOVE that sweater...seriously, i'd wear that on a regular basis.
patrice said…
Thanks stephaniesays. You can borrow it any time! How about that purr-fect collar? Meowy Catmass.
Unknown said…
Ugly. Truely really Ugly. Congratulations!

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